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  • Podcast Episode 4

    Special guest Eeyore, sits in for Matthew, Kent sleds down a cliff of death with his kids, Dan volunteers for a Michael Bay brainwashing experiment, and Heath uses Jon Stewart to put down everyone in the 18-34 crowd.

  • Podcast Episode 3

    Podcast Episode 3

    Kent won’t take no crap from his plumber, Daniel denies having anything to do with shooting a bald eagle and then mooches off the U.S tax payers, Matt naively defends liars, and Heath says that zombies have great depth of character. Show Notes: In case you aren’t the conssumate Friends expert that Dan is, Here is…

  • Podcast Episode 2

    Podcast Episode 2

    Dan nervously fingers his scalp to check for horns, Kent moves candles with his mind, Matt absolves the Seattle Seahawks, and Heath despairs in his music scouting skills. Show Notes: We mentioned Kent’s glorious magnolia tree. Behold: [separator type=”small-break” animation=”left-to-right” animation_delay=”500″] Matt mentioned his finger pin. Here is an X-Ray of it: If you are…

  • Podcast Episode 1

    Podcast Episode 1

    In Episode 1, Dan admires his own heinie, Kent is mistaken for Quasimodo, Matt pays $30 a month to avoid walking 50 yards, and Heath ponders the inevitable doom of all space pioneers. Show Notes: After talking about what our past selves would say to our current selves, I now wonder what the past-future Marty would…