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  • Episode 14

    Dan terrorizes local children with his volcano demonstration, Matt does not plant corn, Kent says no to his family, and Heath oversees a depiction of America’s greatest vampire hunter.

  • Episode 13

    Details coming soon…

  • Episode 12

    Dan’s kids discover the true meaning of Easter (gorging on candy). Kent parties with social workers. Heath is now almost old enough to justify his ever graying hair.  Matt plays hooky. Matt’s alternate description: Matt edits this podcast episode into a singular work of avant-garde comedic genius only to be booed offstage by an angry…

  • Podcast Episode 11

    Podcast Episode 11

    Dan settles an age old question, the egg came first. Matt will never be satisfied by anyone but Dickens. Kent is persuaded not to preach about tithing for Easter Sunday. Heath does NOT turn 40.

  • Podcast Episode 10

    Never lift weights with Kent, never work for Heath’s “family”, never let Matt fix your ATV, and never eat Mexican food with Dan.

  • Podcast Episode 9

    Matt fights fires while building a monster computer, Kent finally becomes a man, Daniel starts a career in movie trailer voiceovers, and Heath finds himself redundant.

  • Podcast Episode 8

    Heath’s friend in Canada commits a felony, Kent catches a “fountain of vomit,” Matt remembers the Alamo, and Dan goes looking for dead bodies. Note: This recording session was broken into 3 podcasts because of it’s length.  This is part 1.  Part 2 and 3 will be released shortly as episodes 9 and 10.

  • Podcast Episode 7

    Heath has a Fanta™stic time in Côte d’Ivoire, Dan visits his Father-land, Matt finds out he can’t read Spanish, and Kent lovingly restores his new best friend.

  • Podcast Episode 6

    Matt is ambushed by the French on the high seas, Dan can’t even begin to remember all the countries he’s visited, Kent likes his trees happy AND autotuned, and Heath finally understands the entire history of Western Civilization. Actual footage of Matt’s website debacle:

  • Podcast Episode 5

    Lightning crashes, Dan’s Saturn dies. The ignition that was his now belongs to Matt’s Nissan. Heath is relieved that his favorite clown is ok, And Kent’s plan to attend the PanAm games gets foiled.